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Adding products

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  1. Go to our log in page and enter your email address and password

  2. On the menu across the middle of the page, click on Products

  3. On the Products page, click on Add product

  4. You have a choice of 3 options. Pick 'Add products using our form'

  5. You'll see new fields appear on the page, including Title, Description and Images. Add your product's information here

    Title - Enter the name of your product

    Description - it's best to mark all of the text and click on the 'clear formatting' button (the last one)

    Images - you can drag and drop images, or browse to the file you want

    Pricing - enter the same price into the 'Price' and 'Compare at price' fields. If you have a sale at a later date, change the 'Price' field, and a 'Sale' label will appear on our site next to the product

    Inventory - you can manually enter the amount you have to sell in the 'Quantity' field. If inventory is not a problem for you, please leave this section blank. We're happy to talk about how best to handle this

    Shipping - please ignore this for now. Every product is delivered free to Eastbourne postcodes provided the minimum order per shop is £10. We'll introduce shipping charges at a later date

  6. If your product has variants (eg small, medium, large) click the 'Add variant' link

  7. Type into the fields that appear. For example, you can change 'Size' for 'Colour'. Type individual variant names separated by a comma (eg small, medium, large)

  8. More fields will appear, allowing you to set different prices and inventory levels for each variant

  9. When you're done, click 'Submit'

  10. We'll be notified every time you submit a product. We'll check it and publish to One Eastbourne. If there's a problem with a product, we'll contact you.

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