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Joining our site

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  1. Go to our sign up page and create an account

  2. Enter your email address and a password of your choice. Make sure you keep these details safe and secure

  3. You'll be sent an email. Please click the link to verify your email address

  4. Go back to our log in page and enter your email address and password

  5. Click on "Step 1: Update your profile" and add your shop details. There's no need to add a brand logo or cover image at this stage as they're not shown

  6. Leave "Step 2: Set up your payment service provider" for now. We're still setting this up

  7. Click on "Step 3: Add product(s)
The next steps depend on whether you have a Shopify store or not. There's instructions for each below.

If you don't have a Shopify store

  1. On the drop down menu, click on "Add products using our form"

  2. You'll see new fields appear to add the product details - it's name, description, images, price, inventory, shipping (if you're charging for postage) and variants (eg small, medium, large)

  3. Complete all these fields and hit "Submit". Add as many products as you need to

  4. The 1EBN team will receive a notification every time you add a new product and make a major change (eg a price). We'll check the changes and publish them

If you have a Shopify store 

  1. On the drop down menu, click on "Import products by connecting to a Shopify store"

  2. Add the web address of your Shopify store eg "" and click "Connect"

  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions (scroll down and tick the box) and click "Continue to Vendor Live Connect"

  4. Enter your Shopify email address and click "Next"

  5. Enter your Shopify password and click "Log in"

  6. You'll see a screen saying that you're about to install "Vendor Live Connect". If you see a message saying the app is unlisted, don't worry. We've checked it and it works OK. Click on "Install app"

  7. You should see a message that your "Shop Connected Successfully". If you see an error message, contact us

  8. Visit the Mute Notification Settings page and click "Mute all". In the window that appears, click "Mute all" again to confirm

  9. Visit the Settings page and click "Enable" next to "Auto add products"

  10. As a final step, the Products page and click "Import products from your store"

Products can take a while to appear. We've seen them appear almost immediately, but it can take a couple of hours. Shopify is a busy product, and sometimes we just need to wait our turn!

You shouldn't need to log into our site again. Shopify should send you emails as products are sold, and you can use your existing site as to process them.

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