OPEN NOW! Independent shops, one checkout. Not for profit

Sell with us

One Eastbourne was created for local independent retailers like you.

We want to make it really easy to sell online - just add a few products and you're up and running.

We're putting more money in your pocket by keeping our commission rate as low as possible.

We're run by a not-for-profit called TechResort, and every penny we make is reinvested in our town.


If you’re not selling anything online, we’ve made it easy to get started.

If you have a Shopify store already, just sync your products with us. It’s a second shop with no extra work.

Sign up to One Eastbourne here

Free to add products, low commission on sales

Independent Eastbourne shops like you can add products for free.

We pass on payment processing charges of approximately 2-3% depending on the payment method used by the customer.

We also charge a small commission depending on the type of product. The following are 5%:

  • 'weekly shop' type products (eg bakery, grocery, coffee, beer, pet supplies)

  • 'special occasion' products (eg flowers, greetings cards, chocolate)

  • quality clothing for men and women

All other products are currently 10%, but we intend to reduce this over time.

Other online marketplaces are charging 15 - 30%, and that money leaves town. We charge less, and any profits support our local economy.

What our commission covers

  • Supporting retailers to join us and do well
  • Marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Establishing a local delivery service if needed

When we make a profit, we'll first lower our commission rate so more goes back to you.

If profits grow further, they’ll support TechResort's not-for-profit mission of upskilling our town and surrounding area.

Any questions?

We’re stepping up to help indy retailers in need. If you'd like to join One Eastbourne or have a question, please get in touch.